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salt free spicy blend

King's Pepper is a rich, savory blend of herbs and spices that's based on a centuries old West African recipe.

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There's no salt, peanut or MSG in our recipe and it's gluten free. 


Use it to add a delicious spiciness to veggies, meat, poultry and seafood.  From your first meal of the day to the last, you'll find yourself reaching for it often.  It's available in Mild, Original and Extra Hot.  Original is hotter than Mild.   


Note: Our extra hot is not as hot as Ghost Pepper or Carolina Reaper.  We're a food, not a weapon!

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How King's Pepper got its name

When customers ask how King's Pepper got its name, I tell them the quest for the savory herbs and flavorful spices like clove, nutmeg, ginger, alligator pepper and others that are found in our award-winning blend were key to the launch of the Age of Exploration.  In the 15th century, bold explorers set sail around the world in search of exotic flavors in the name of their king.  


Our premium blend also contains dried locust beans, or dawadawa, which means "good medicine"in Swahili.  King's Pepper is good for you, and worthy of the royalty at your table.

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Easy Vegan African Tacos

Solve the problem of what to serve your guests who want plant based or vegan choices  with our 2022 Scovie Award winning African Taco kit.  An African Taco is a mash up between street tacos and a black eyed pea fritter popular in West Africa. 


This easy to make recipe uses black eyed peas as the basis of a batter that you fry or bake into crispy vegan patties to fill your taco shell, layer on avocado toast or eat as a snack.  These falafel like patties make a great sausage substitute. 

Click the star to watch the video.

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With this budget friendly kit you'll make a batter that yields16-20 patties. 


You can freeze the batter for up to 6 months.

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How To Use King's Pepper

Available in Mild, Original, and Extra Hot.
Original has more heat than Mild because of the stronger cayenne and African Bird Eye Pepper (Peri Peri). 
Mild does not have African Bird Eye Pepper in it.


  • King’s Pepper can be used to season your eggs or veggie frittata at breakfast, to perk up your entrees at lunch, or to add that special kick to your main course at dinner.   

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Roasted Corn
  • Dry rub or marinade: Use King’s Pepper in your marinade or dry rub and let the flavor soak into your meat, poultry or seafood before smoking, or roasting in the oven or sizzling on the grill. Don’t forget the fresh, juicy corn on the cob! You'll love it hot off the grill slathered with butter and sprinkled lightly with King’s Pepper.  

  • Veggies: King’s Pepper may serve as that “secret” ingredient that you add to your favorite stir fry.  Shake a little into your greens, beans and grains for a little African umami.

Preparing veggies

To find more uses for King's Pepper, click here!

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