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How do I use my King's Pepper?

King's Pepper can play numerous roles in your kitchen.  They range from using it as a basic seasoning in a daily dish to including  it as an essential component of a favorite recipe.  You are encouraged to use your own creativitity.  Try these purposes as a start!

  • Seasoning:    King’s Pepper can be used to season your eggs or veggie frittata at breakfast, to perk up your entrees at lunch, or to add that special kick to your main course at dinner.  Don’t forget the fresh, juicy corn on the cob! You'll love it hot off the grill slathered with butter and sprinkled lightly with King’s Pepper. 

  • Rub or marinade: Use King’s Pepper in your marinade or dry rub and let the flavor soak into your meat, poultry or seafood before smoking, or roasting in the oven or sizzling on the grill.  

  • Veggies: King’s Pepper may serve as that “secret” ingredient that you add to your favorite stir fry.  Shake a little into your greens, beans and grains for a little African umami.

  • Soups and stews: King’s Pepper goes great with tomato sauce-based dishes like soups and stews.  Nothing is better than a bowl of hot soup in the winter, or when you have a head cold.  Need chicken soup for your soul? Kick it up with a shake or two of King's Pepper and you'll feel better in no time.

  • Garlic Butter: Shake just a little King’s Pepper into the customary butter, garlic and salt melange when you prepare your next seafood dish in your Instant Pot  or to the batter when you fry tender crispy chicken in your air fryer. 

  • Single-Pot Meals: If you love the convenience of a slow cooked meal King’s Pepper should be one of the essential seasonings on your shelf.  Shaking a little into those slow cooker recipes will make them taste and smell delicious.

  • Seafood: King’s Pepper and seafood are a match made in gastronomical heaven.  Add some King's Pepper to the coating you put on your fish before sauteing in the pan.  Or blend it in the batter you use to coat your seafood before frying.  Baked, fried or sauteed, you'll love the way it brings out the best flavor in your seafood selection.

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